I fucking ordered fucking headphones from Amazon and they somehow fucking sent to OGLETHORPE instead of MY HOUSE and I don’t HAVE A MAILBOX AT GODDAMN OGLETHORPE OBVIOUSLY and I don’t know what they do with mail that DOESN’T BELONG TO PEOPLE THAT DON’T LIVE THERE and now I’m not sure what to do because that’s almost like twenty dollars just throw into the abyss of my stupidity and how can you get refunded for being a fucking idiot??? You can’t you just have to embarrass yourself further by trying to get your headphones back from the university you left because you were too poor and dumb to attend it

honing my cold-time aesthetic

everyone @ work tomorrow: why are you so tired????
me: you don’t understand… I had to watch Beyonce’s entire performance as soon as I found a good link…

Jameson and I are currently having an argument about Nicki Minaj’s ass and I am winning because I am right

TIPSY n Wednesday is my fave day of the week