I’m just saying that if you haven’t watched the music video for “Chandelier” you are missing out on a glimpse into my soul

love u bless

I love you too and I also love Harry Styles. I claimed Louis as a fave because I love an underdog always and he was and is such a pretty boy but let’s be real. I am an idiot loser and cannot resist a kindred spirit. look into Harry Styles’s eyes and tell me that you do not see a tiny piece of me there. like I might regularly consider changing my Harry Styles tag to “bohemian rhapsody” or “banana pancake” or “fifteen thousand hail marys” on the regular and I might regularly tell myself this is because he is hopeless and I want nothing to do with him but the truth is that I am hopelessly in love. what a little charmer. disgusting. I’m disgusted with myself. anyway

did I steal Harry Styles’ look or did he steal mine
wait Callie is an internet friend… I straight up thought you like went to middle school with her

NO I AM SORRY… I see how that post might be misleading. I had to include Callie and Devin because they are integral parts of the group but no, yes, of course. I went to middle school with Callie. Callie and I have been like this since the seventh grade, only then we were sweeter to each other

im gonna tattoo you guys’ names on my fucken bicep

sometimes I remember that I still have Imaani, Mickey, Allison, Callie, and Devin. sometimes I remember I still have Brittani. shit, I’m still out here liking Maria’s posts on instagram. and like??? I met these people YEARS AGO on this fucking website. I have been friends w/ Imaani for literal years now????? I bring her up in casual conversations and after a while someone’s like, “where did you meet Imaani?” and I’m like… blown away that it’s like, oh, right, I didn’t go to school w/ Imaani or whatever. b/c she is that much a casual part of my life. like I bring up regular issues of mine to this group of women on facebook or whatever and we all comment on it and work through things. we make each other laugh. I have gotten actual real spit on my keyboard open-mouthed laughing at these guys building off of each other. or just like, sharing stories from their lives. I know shit that Mickey got up to when she was eleven now??? I know what they all thought of the VMAs this year. fucking Mickey and Devin and Callie and Allison have SEEN EACH OTHER IN PERSON ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE COUNTRY BECAUSE OF THIS??