clean my floors and do my laundry for me

my horse keeps getting killed by dragons…

October 13th, 2011

some of the people I have met on here just. impress me so much in casual ways, y’know? like I’m just really amazed and pleased with the way they exist, the way they react to certain situations, how they talk, etc. regardless of whether or not we’re good buddies or whether people I am good buddies with have a bad history with them or whatever. it’s just really cool. I like that some days I can meander around and bump hips with people like that, who—even through the internet, which can get so weird and vile, like hyper-concentrated outside life—are just… they respond enthusiastically when you ask them for info on things they like, they wish you a happy birthday, they answer your tag questions to the best of their ability, they message you hoping you’re happy, they tell you your new hair looks great etc unprompted.

sometimes I think “oh I should unpause my game and start playing now” but other times I think “but then I won’t be sitting here peacefully listening to the music”

the little eye up in the corner of my blog next to “edit theme” always makes me feel now as if I’ve been sneaking around and someone’s caught me

for u Any