what your city looked like burning
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I sometimes get asked: “How come the men in your stories don’t have such strong characters?” And I’m like: “I don’t care.”

Helen Oyeyemi talking about dudes in her books

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I don’t get to talk to Molly as much as I used to, I don’t get to talk to a lot of people as much as I used to, but that doesn’t change the way I laugh when I see Molly making a joke, or a picture of her riding in a car or wearing lipstick, it doesn’t change how happy I am when I hear about her trying new things or getting something she’s wanted or anything, anything at all. Molly is one of those very special people you get to know and keep knowing and as all that’s happening you’re realizing that all of these other people are going through the same experience as you, they’re all meeting her and realizing that she’s this very incredible person, and that she’s so funny and intelligent and open and big-hearted and selfish and wild and ridiculous and foolish and very, very human and extremely herself. She’s such a unique person, she’s such a Molly. She is one of those people that is so strong in just who she is, if not in exactly what that means, y’know? She’s not static because she never stops learning or growing or wanting or being, but she’s constant. She’s always gonna be that girl you admire and like, whether despite yourself or because of that fire she’s got in her belly and in her hair and in the way she raves about all the shit she loves. I don’t say anything about her casually, either. That’s the other thing about Molly, y’know, is that she can make you feel like dancing around your room in your underwear but she makes you feel like doing it 100%. You wanna be all of yourself, talking to Molly. You wanna be so much of a person that you fill up that big heart of hers, fill up that wide-open mind of hers, keep her thinking about you, like maybe if she looks long enough at her idea of who you are it’ll be good and she’ll give you a smile or a nod and you’ll just feel great and big and bright forever. I might be delirious from all of the medication I’m on but I swear to God, if there’s one thing Molly made me feel and keeps making me feel it’s like a fucking star, okay? She’s that teacher you have once who kicks your ass with some combination of Miranda Priestly grace and Mary Poppins kindness and you go on in your education with a high tilt to your chin and more space in your head for good things and just enough faith in yourself to keep on. Molly makes me feel like I’m doing everything exactly fucking right and if everything’s a mess then good, I’m really great at cleaning, damn it, and I can wear purple lipstick and sing jazz while I do it. In other words: I love Molly with a whole 100% of my myself and I hope she has the happiest birthday in all the world.